LX1499: TSA 600-700E Tareq Edition Carbon Steel 13T Slant Pinion

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LX1499: TSA 600-700E Tareq Edition Carbon Steel 13T Slant Pinion
LX1499: TSA 600-700E Tareq Edition Carbon Steel 13T Slant Pinion is available to buy in increments of 1

Slant! Slant! Slant!

Finally available for your TSA 600E and TSA 700E  the helicoidally “Slant” Main transmission system.

Designed under precise request of our BEST friend Tareq Alsaadi this new CNC slant main gear system will amaze you.

Tareq , the King of 3D have special needs, his crazy fast move stress the heli as nobody can.

Our Main Gear design goal was satisfy Tareq need: reduce transmission noise, increase the resistance and combine those specifications with the best quality and fine tolerance part.

By combining our engineering and helicopter experience we have designed special Slant Main Gear that answer to our entire design request and future more is 100% compatible with std. heli parts.

We offer Slant Main Gear for TSA 600E and TSA 700E, single parts and combo with pinion to help you to switch form std to slant system.

Lynx Slant Main Gear are produced by CNC operation, using a techno-polymer material with auto-lube features to assure maximum load and friction resistance.

Pinions are made with same CNC process form solid Carbon Steel rod and later Hardened to 45 / 50 HRC to assure the best resistance.

The difference is visible from the first Main Gear revolution, in air you will not recognize your heli anymore, it sound will be just amazing silent and smooth.

Tareq test and approved Lynx slant system in his TSA heli.



-        Silent transmission

-        More 30% Thoth contact and increased module increase max. resistance.

-        Smooth and Vibes reduction, increase the FBL control and heli fly precision.

-        Incredible spam life resistance.

-        Direct replacement for your TSA 600E or TSA700E heli. (check the specific description requirement)

-        Dedicated Lynx Slant Pinion are request for the normal assembly.



-         Main Gear Material:  Techno-Polymer base POM.

-         Pinion Material: Hardened Carbon Steel 45/50 HRC

-         Slant Module: 1mm

-         Number of Thoth: 120T x TSA 600E – 124T x TSA 700E



1 x TSA 600-700E Carbon Steel 13T Slant Pinion

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